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Well Space & Events Calendar

The Well Space at Paso Robles High School is where students can find solace and support in their wellness journey. Nested within our campus, our comprehensive wellness center is a haven for mental health services and groups, including anxiety, grief, and social skills groups. In addition to group support, our Wellness Counselor Mr. Loera is available for one-on-one counseling and personalized support.
In The Well Space, students can explore the therapeutic power of arts expression, finding comfort and healing through creative outlets. Equipped with a fidget wall, cozy couches and bean bags, our space invites relaxation and destressing. The ambiance is further enhanced by soothing music, a collection of social emotional guide books and comics, offering a retreat where students can unwind and recharge.
The Well Space is open before school, during nutrition and lunch, and after school. Students will need a pass from their counselor to visit during class time. Come discover The Well Space, where wellness is nurtured and students find respite amidst the rigors of their high school journey!
Take a look at the calendar below to see some of the wonderful events in the Wellness Space!
We hope to see you there!