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Parking Permits

Parking Permit Applications can be submitted to the PRHS Safety Office during class schedule pick-up or normal business hours.

Students must complete the Application and provide the following:

-Valid and Current Driver's License

-Valid and Current Vehicle Registration

-Valid and Current Proof of Insurance

Dear Bearcat Parent,


Student safety and maintaining a safe, wholesome campus is our top priority at Paso Robles High School. Please join us in support as we implement an updated parking permit policy to reduce unsafe and inappropriate behavior in the school parking lot. Unsafe and inappropriate behaviors include loitering during school hours, smoking/vaping, drug/alcohol use, fighting, truancy, sexual activity, driving without a license, registration, or insurance, speeding, loud music, theft, and vandalism. 


Students wishing to park on campus must obtain a parking permit (Hang Tag) and sign a parking contract. The parking permit (Hang Tag) is free but requires proof of driver’s license, registration, and insurance. If the student violates the terms of the parking contract, progressive discipline will follow. The progressive discipline steps are listed below:


1st violation: Warning and parent phone call (serious violations may result in immediate loss of parking permit and further disciplinary actions up to and including suspension or expulsion). 

2nd violation: Parking permit suspended for one week

3rd violation: Parking permit suspended for the year

4th violation: Vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense (an attempt to notify the student and/or parent to move the vehicle before towing will be made)

5th violation: Vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense (notification will be provided after the vehicle is removed from campus)


Towed vehicles will require the vehicle owner to pay a fine and collect the impounded vehicle from the private service.


We hope this policy and your support as a parent will serve as an effective deterrent to unauthorized student entry and loitering in the parking lot, effectively eliminating the unsafe and inappropriate behavior reportedly occurring during the instructional day.


Please contact our Safety Office or Assistant Principals at (805) 769-1550 if you have additional questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding Paso Roble High School’s parking permit policy or would like to sign up as a parent volunteer to provide additional parking lot supervision. 


Thank you, and have a wonderful school year,

Go Bearcats!