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Welcome to the PRHS Attendance Office.

To contact attendance call (805) 769-1510.


PRHS Attendance Policies

(From Student/Parent Handbook)


Regular school attendance in all classes is a critical factor in achieving academic success and is also an important component of responsibility with respect to post high school endeavors- be it college or the workplace. The value of the daily class interaction between teachers and their students cannot be duplicated or substituted in any way.  Each absence limits student potential to master the subject and be successful in the class.  To increase total attendance and limit excessive absences, unexcused absences, truancy, and tardies, the following policies are in effect (BP 5113 a):

Pursuant to California Education Code, it is the duty of each parent, guardian, or person having control or custody of a minor, to compel and guarantee regular and prompt attendance to class.  Absences from school should be avoided except in the cases of emergency and illness. Each absence must be verified by the parent/guardian on the day of the absence or no later than 48 school hours after the absence. Such an excuse must be dated and state the exact days and/or periods the student was absence as well as the reason for the absence. Students should report to the attendance office prior to school on the day they return to school. Parents may call the attendance office in lieu of delivering a note.

  • Verification must be made by calling the Attendance Office (769-1510) the day of the absence or by bringing a signed note upon return to school explaining the absence with a phone number to verify the absence.  You may also email the attendance clerk at  [email protected].
  • Absences not cleared within 48 school hours (full day of period absences) are considered unexcused or truant with subsequent disciplinary action taken.
  • If a student is absent due to illness or doctor/dental appointments more than 10% of the school days to date, or the total school days of the school year, or more than three consecutive days, the student must provide a doctor’s verification for each additional absence.  Failure to provide verification from a doctor or school nurse will result in those additional absences being recorded as unexcused.
  • Automated phone calls will be made daily for unverified absences.
  • Parents must come to the attendance window to drop off items for student pick up and are not allowed to go on campus or visit classrooms to make deliveries (This includes food items; security staff will direct the parent to the front office desk). Only a parent or legal guardian can drop off items for students without prior permission from attendance office staff.
  • Students must call home from the nurse’s office and then obtain an off campus slip prior to leaving campus due to illness. Parents must then sign out student from the attendance window.

In accordance with California Education Code the following are the only excused absences:

  • Illness verified by parent/guardian
  • Quarantine under the direction of a county or city health officer
  • Medical, dental, optometrist, or chiropractic appointment.
  • Attendance at funeral services for a member of the immediate family.  Immediate family shall be defined as mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, spouse, son, son-in-law, daughter, daughter-in-law, brother, sister, or any relative living in the student’s immediate household.
  • Jury duty in the manner provided by law, or an appearance in court.
  • Observance of a holiday, religious ceremony or retreat.

All other reasons for an absence are considered unexcused even if verified by a parent/guardian. A student is allowed three unexcused absences prior to being considering truant.  Any unexcused absences after three are considered truancies and the school with initiate the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) process.

Student attendance records are available on the AERIES Parent Portal, and the auto dialer will call home each day there is a period or all day absence. Attendance data will appear on student report cards.

Attendance and Grades

Teachers at Paso Robles High School may reduce a student’s grade as a result of excessive unexcused absences/tardies excluding;

  • Illness verified by a health care provider within 10 days of absence.
  • Quarantine verified by health official
  • Subpoena/jury duty verified by government official
  • Funeral of an immediate family member
  • School activities

If a student misses class without an excuse and does not subsequently turn in homework, take a test, or fulfill another class requirement that he/she missed, the teacher may lower the student’s grade for nonperformance. Students with excessive unexcused absences may be given a failing grade and not receive credit for the class. Unexcused absences include:

  •     Authorized by the parent but not by the State of California
  •     Family trips taken during the established school year
  •     Tardy to class in excess of 15 minutes

If the teacher exercises this option the following will be observed (Board Policy 5121 (A)):

  • The teacher will review grading standards regarding attendance with all students enrolled in their classes at the beginning of each Semester.
  • At the beginning of the school year, the teacher will send home a notice to the parents stating the grading policy as it pertains to attendance and will require the student to return the notice with parent signature.
  • The teacher will not reduce the grade before the fourth unexcused absence. As with the regular attendance policy, three unexcused tardies equal one unexcused absence.
  • When the student approaches one absence prior to the grade lowering criteria, the teacher will make contact with the parent to discuss the student’s grade.
  • A failing grade assigned to the student on the basis of excessive unexcused absences will be noted on the student’s transcripts with “FA” (Failing unexcused absences).
  • Should the student’s class schedule be changed at any time in the Semester, the student’s attendance record will transfer with the student’s new class.

Absences from school without prior knowledge and consent of the parents/guardian, leaving school prior to the end of the day without permission, failure to attend class or detention or dropping a class before a change of schedule is approved will be considered truancies.  Attendance will contact parents by telephone or letter when a student is absent from class.

Attendance Letter

Missed Assignments

Teachers are required to provide students the opportunity to make up assignments and tests they missed when they are absent from school.  Teachers are NOT required to give the same assignment or test as was given on the day of the absence.  Teachers are NOT required to accept work that was due on the day of an absence, BUT must provide an alternative assignment if original work is denied. Phone requests for work may only be made after a student has been absent THREE days.  A minimum of 24 hours is necessary to obtain missed work from the student’s teachers.


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SARB (Student Attendance Review Board) – The purpose of the SARB is to work collaboratively to diagnose problems and recommend alternative solutions to alleviate circumstances that contribute to specific truancy, attendance, or behavior problems.  The district SARB board is made up of representatives from the school district, law enforcement, social service, probation, mental health, and the district attorney’s office.  The Counseling Office will make student referrals to SARB with input from teachers, interventionists, the School Resource Officer and other staff members.  Only students under the age of 18 may be referred to SARB. Failure to correct truancy following a SARB hearing may result in a referral to the District Attorney’s Office.

Saturday School

Students that receive nine tardies or three or more period truancies may be referred to Saturday School.  Saturday School is from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm on selected Saturdays. Students assigned to Saturday School will arrive at the flag pole located in front of the Library prior to 8:00 a.m. Failure to attend Saturday School will result in after school or In-School Suspension. Students may voluntarily attend Saturday School with parent permission to clear an absence, make-up assignments, and/or receive additional academic support.   

Attendance Errors

In the event that a student is marked absent in error, the student must inquire with the teacher that marked them absent.  This matter must be verified and cleared by the teacher.  The teacher must be the one to correct the error, not the parent or the attendance clerk.