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Class of 2023 Graduation Information


Graduation for the Class of 2023 will be on June 9th, 2023, at 6:00 pm in War Memorial Stadium!

Message Regarding Decorating Caps for Graduation
Dear Bearcats,

As I reported last week, the PRJUSD School Board approved a change in policy to allow students to decorate their cap (mortarboard) for the commencement ceremonies for Paso Robles High School, Liberty High School, and Independence High School.  Please be aware that this only applies to the top of a graduation cap. Students still must wear an unaltered gown and only wear those regalia items listed in the PRHS Graduation Regalia Information. No leis (flower, money, etc.) or unapproved stoles are allowed until after the ceremony.  Please remember that all graduation information can be found at

Please take a moment to carefully review the guidelines. In addition, to ensure that all decorated caps follow the outlined policy the approval process will go as follows. Please also remember that is okay not to decorate your cap.

  1. Students must complete a Cap Decoration Approval Form and get it signed by Parent/Guardian and PRHS Administration (During Lunch)/PRHS Activities Directors (Room 503) prior to decorating their caps. Forms will be available at the Front Desk, Counseling Office, and be provided to Senior English and Government/Economics Teachers. 
  2. Forms must be completed and signed by June 2nd. 
  3. Once approved the students can decorate their caps. We highly recommended that you decorate a piece of cardstock that can be taped to your graduation cap. Do not decorate directly onto the fabric of your cap.  
  4. On the day of graduation students must present the complete approval form with original signatures and the matching decorated cap for the cap to be admitted in the ceremony.
We believe this policy will help ensure that this new tradition can live on into future generations of Bearcat graduates.  It will help ensure that an issues that arise can be resolved long before the graduation ceremony.

Principal Overton