PRHS SkillsUSA State Results

Students and Advisors from Paso Robles High School actively participated in the prestigious event. SkillsUSA, a renowned National, Career, and Technical Student Organization, caters to over 395,000 high school, college, and middle school students and professional members pursuing training programs in various skilled service occupations. Prior to the competition, students at Paso Robles received guidance and mentorship from teachers and community members representing diverse industries.

The hard work and preparation paid off as Paso Robles High School brought home an impressive total of 10 medals from the competition. Furthermore, three outstanding students have earned Gold Medals and the opportunity to represent Paso Robles High School at the National Competition in Atlanta, Georgia, scheduled for June 2024.


Paso Robles High School's success at the California SkillsUSA Competition exemplifies the commitment and talent of its students and their Advisors (Teachers). The chapter looks forward to representing their school and community at the upcoming National Competition’s:  Aviation Maintenance Tech., Power Equipment Tech. and Telecommunications Cabling.


The following students medalled:


Kyle Dart - Aviation Maintenance Technology

Preston Cleaver - Power Equipment Technology

Asyel Mendoza - Telecommunications Cabling



Bianca Rangel - Early Childhood Education

Wade Willis - Internetworking

Cristian Francis - Telecommunications Cabling



Susan Thomas - Early Childhood Education

Logan Parent - Internetworking

Jonathan Tjong - Information Technology Services

John Hulsman - Prepared Speech


Paso Robles High School sent 45 students to the conference in 24 different contests with 7 Advisors. Students participate in several aspects of their competitions: written tests, oral interviews, practical (Hands-On) tests, and demonstrations. The preparation for this conference includes a Regional Conference in January and February of 2024. PRHS began this year with 83 competitors in virtual Regional Contests. 

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PRHS SkillsUSA image April 4-7, 2024