Fire on Campus!!!

These G.E.O. students are training for their upcoming week-long backpacking trip up in the Trinity Alps Wilderness and need practice managing a small campfire. Students who were able to build a campfire were rewarded with a marshmallow to roast; it was a sweet day to be a Bearcat!  In addition to learning about campfire safety, GEO students get practice with knots, compass navigation, map reading, and nature journaling. The course also has students investigate global issues such as demography, hydrology, soil science, forestry, and climate science.  Our next big outing will be in Big Sur as the students get more practice hiking with a pack, setting up a tent, and cooking meals on a backpacking stove. If you love Science, you'll love Paso Robles High School!
For more information about the PRHS G.E.O program please contact Jon Paul Ewing at [email protected].